A Play Area for Eccleshill - Consultation Report

Tue, 6 Mar 2012

Local residents in Eccleshill were contacted in July outlining a number of options for a new play area in Eccleshill village, inviting them to choose the option they felt was best.  Of the 870 addresses we wrote to, 117 voting slips were returned, and results were as follows:

Option A – fenced play area on Eccleshill Recreation Ground                   34
Option B – fenced play area on The Delph                                                 47
Option C – two unfenced play areas, one on each site                          30
None of these                                                                                6

TOTAL                                                                                        117

Therefore the plan for a fenced play area at the Delph (Option B) is now the subject of a tendering process, with a view to the work on the play area being completed by December. (Click to see location map).

A number of issues were raised as part of this consultation, and will be passed to appropriate services or agencies, for example, quads and bikes accessing The Delph, dog fouling, and anti-social behaviour at both sites.

Also to clarify how the play area is being funded, no Bradford Council money is being used for this project – the funds come from developers who have built properties in the Eccleshill area, and whose planning permission is subject to legal agreements under which they make a financial contribution to recreational facilities in the area, known as Section 106 funding.

Many thanks to residents who returned the voting slips for your contribution.  

If you have any further queries, please contact Liz Parker - Area Development Officer for Bradford East on 01274 431066 or by emailing liz.parker@bradford.gov.uk