Bug Hotel

Tue, 29 May 2012

The creation of a new Herbaceous border has taken place in the flower garden area of Peel Park. This is to increase bio-diversity within our planting schemes and encourage insects and wildlife. As part of the scheme, gardeners also created and built a ‘Bug Shelter’ which was completely made from waste and recycled products including, logs, stone, carpet, old garden canes, twigs, pipes, wooden pallets and branches. The top of the shelter has a ‘green roof’ and wild flowers will be grown on it to provide extra interest.


The shelter has already provided a lot of interest with school parties and visitors to the park and can be used as a ‘science aid’ for local school projects. There has also been quite a bit of interest from the local insect population too!


We are hoping to carry out further sustainable planting schemes across the district in the future.