Bradford Councilís Cliffe Castle Park Keighley

Mon, 20 Jun 2016

Commencing in mid-June the extensive works will breathe new life into the park and gardens which, together with the Museum buildings which have distinctive historical connections with Paris, Palermo and New York being the former home of the Butterfield family with connections with the US Presidency in the early 1850’s.

Now with financial assistance from the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery Fund through its Parks for People Programme, Cliffe Castle Park is to be brought back to life. The works will include restoring the parks overall soft landscape with a full refurbishment of the fountains, pond and water features and an upgrade of the Bandstand and its surrounding areas

A new cafeteria will be provided on the footprint of the old vineries building close to the main walls of the Museum and a new glass and magnificent palm house will be built to replicate the designs of the original structure.  A portion of the original vineries will be recreated to include a new heating system and a small internal animal enclosure.

Some of the main parks stonework will be restored to provide a much improved appearance for the walls, steps. All the footpaths through and around the park will also be resurfaced.

The original 1870’s pond will be re-instated along with refurbishment of two ornate Italian marble fountains which were last operational in the 1970’s.

Gates and railings will also be restored along with fencing and boundary walls. Other installations will include park furniture, bespoke heritage style seating, waste bins and replacement urns located on the terraces

Interpretation noticeboards and supplementary information will be provided in key locations which will help to tell the story of the Butterfield era. The works will be completed by the installation of fencing, lighting, replica lamps, restoration of historic lamps, and urns.

The park will remain open to the public throughout the reconstruction programme with safe DDA compliant pedestrian corridors clearly marked for those wishing to continue partaking of the parks facilities. Planned events on the park will also be catered for throughout the construction phase with works being carried out as quietly and efficiently as possible and with minimum disruption to the general public and park users.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Sport and Culture, said: “After all the effort which went into preparing this project and securing the funding, it will be great to see the actual work starting on site.

““The Cliffe Castle park project will complement the recent restoration of the museum and will create a terrific asset for Keighley and the rest of the Bradford District  which will delight visitors for many years to come.”

'Cliffe Castle Park Conservation Group' are pleased that  work has at last started on the Heritage Lottery Funded restoration of Cliffe Castle Park. We  have spent a lot of time at meetings, studying and discussing plans .We look forward to seeing the key features of the Park take shape. The careful planning that allows the Park to remain open while the work takes place is  much appreciated by the Group.